Photo Gallery
Weekly Specials
Photo Gallery
Fresh chicken, beef, pork roasts
and steaks as well as fresh
sausages and ground meats
are ready to order.
Homemade wieners and
cheese are shown here.
More fresh cheese, cheese
spreads and sauerkraut.
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The frozen cases include frozen
Turkeys, Meatloaf, Hamloaf,
Homemade Chicken Pot Pies, and
ground turkey.  Frozen haddock,
walleye, and scallops are also available.
Here are some seasonal
workers:  Sisters (From left)
Carol, Christina and Betsy.  
They come around holidays to
help the family business out!!
This is what the front of the
store looked like when
John and Leonard
purchased it in 1945.
This is the front of the store
after remodeling in 1958.
Here is just a sample of our fresh-cut
meats.  Our quality of meat keeps
customers coming back again and
again whether it's tailgating for the big
game, impressing guests or just sitting
down to a nice home-cooked dinner.
Here are some more
homemade sausages:
Wieners, Bologna, Liver
Sausage, Braunschweiger,
Thuringer, and Smoked Polish
Here are some of our sausages:
Summer Sausage, Cajun
Andouille, Beef Sticks, etc.
We also carry our own
Headcheese, Potato Sausage,
Bratwurst, Mettwurst, Italian
Sausage and the list goes on.
We carry our own line of
Salad Dressings, Mustards,
Marinades, Butters and
Sauces shown here.
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