This is a page that is more for you, our
customers, than for us.  You tell me what
websites would be helpful on our website to link
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like to publish more.  Feel free to shoot me an
e-mail with what other website you would like to
have here.  

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We now carry a line of Breadsmith
breads brought in fresh daily!!  You
can also call The Breadsmith up and
have them deliver your order to
Jacobs by the next morning!
A great place to go on the weeknights
or weekends to have a great time is
The 10th Frame.  They're great for karaoke,
DJs and bowling!  The can accommodate
company parties and other social events for large groups
A great way to keep healthy is to use
Flax.  Here is a great way to get Flax
from one of our customers, Thain Jones
Wilmar's Chocolates are a local
favorite producer of chocolate
This is an article that was written
The Business News back in
September 2005 about our store
This is an article that was done in
The Post Crescent September 2005
This is our local newspaper
The Post Crescent if you want
to find out the local news in
Appleton and surrounding area
Our local Chamber of Commerce
where you can find stuff to do,
find out about local businesses
that are members of the Chamber
Visitors Bureau         Here you can find out what's         
                               happening locally and, if you plan  
                               on coming to the area, some         
                               things to do while you're here.
Monday thru Saturday
8 am - 6 pm
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We get most of our Beef cuts from
Creekstone Farms.  Consistent
quality in Steaks, Roasts and Stew.
Great tasting, Great company!
We get most of our Pork
from Premium Standard
Farms for the same reason.
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